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Pharma Pricing Video Analysis

If you are looking for cutting edge knowledge at your fingertips, with regards to Pharma Pricing. You should definitely check out the recent pricing analysis video I did for Nexavar. It's only a few minutes long but I really show what happens in the immediate quarters following Nexavar approval for hepatocellular carcinoma.

You can read more about pharma pricing strategy and market access here.

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Pharma Pricing Partnership

We are pleased to announce a formal partnership with

The blog will serve as a compliment to our efforts here, reserving this platform for broader announcements pertaining to overall direction and new initiatives, such as this.

It is an exciting time. We are excited to continue growing and manifesting ourselves in new ways.

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Greening Up

Our partner at CanadianGreenTech has provided us with more exclusive, high-quality content on Canadian renewable energy opportunities. Make sure that you head to the Renewables Portal to get this pertinent information.

The articles and interviews are written by the talented Perry Hoffman, and provide thoughtful insight into a dynamic policy environment, rife with incentive for profit. Understand how you can leverage federal programs. Analyze a competitive landscape. Explore key trends.