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Emerging Partnerships Fueled by Robust Growth

We mentioned it yesterday, and in our conversations with on the ground experts, it's unanimous. While the Indian market has some maturing to do in the course of the next 10 years, it is a great place to start building a base today. And is very effectively positioned to leverage other emerging markets and BRIC countries. Don't take our word for it though: Dr Reddy's inks pact with Russian firm R-Pharm.

'"The agreement allows us to bring innovative medicines to the Russian people with active collaboration of a local pharmaceutical company-R Pharm ," Dr Reddy's MD and COO Satish Reddy said.'

And it's no wonder that Indian players are looking to make intelligent acquisitions with their cash filled coffers. The Indian pharmaceutical market continues to grow at a robust rate. And although external respondents identified currency inflation as a concern - nascent government intervention notwithstanding -  this article clearly states that inflation is medicine is much less than other essential goods and services.

Time to brew another cup or two of coffee, before getting back with more news, as it breaks.

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