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Connectivity is Productivity.

It’s not like you need to physically be in the office to be getting work done. That assumption is out of date, to say the least.

Nowadays, all you need is an Internet connection, be it your home wireless network or the 3G signal from your mobile service provider, to start crossing work-related tasks off your busy to-do list.

So why should access to high quality, competitive, strategic information – the very information that enables and empowers top level, leading-edge thought – be reserved for high-priced conferences and on-site summits?

It’s not as though information is cumbersome to transport, and it’s not like the value of what you are reading or listening to changes dependent on your location. Why then, should you be expected to fly halfway around the world to hear someone speak?

We believe information this important should be available for on demand viewing. Unfettered ongoing access for reference resources is critical.

Don’t settle for someone else’s arbitrary timeline. Learn on your own, with a full suite of on-demand actionable knowledge solutions, from Stelerix, to your fingertips.

Posted by Jeff