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We are stock market enthusiasts, true value investors. The same principles apply to information and markets as they do to equities. It's all quite related, you see. In both cases, we use fundamentals to build our thesis.

It's not easy though. Sometimes, we get caught up in the day-to-day news. We lose sight of the forest, for the trees. A particularly pointed headline causes a knee-jerk reaction. But we must remember to stay true to the plan.

Fundamentals are what drive strategic decisions. We do our best to mitigate technical and logistical fluctuations. But as long as the fundamentals remain sound, we typically stick out the course of any pending storm. And earn impressive ROI, slightly thereafter, no less.

On the tone of market fundamentals for India, here is a very recent and in depth video summary by the IMF. It offers good commentary from insightful and reputable speakers that touch on a number of the significant growth drivers, and nuances of the economy.

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