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Analyzing Answers

We've been particularly busy over the last month. We have been working hard to directly engage over 1400 pharmaceutical industry decision makers in 12 countries.

Our primary focus these days is on the unparalleled opportunity in India. Our valued respondents have provided validated input highlighting not only the potential for success, but also the high-risk areas that must be attended to with the utmost responsibility. It's a complex marketplace which can be leveraged in a veritable plethora of ways. We hope that the results of our ongoing end-user engagement will provide you some context to help decide how India will best fit into your strategic roadmap.

We're in the process of analyzing this data. We have a lot more to sort through; but so far,  it looks promising. We'll share the end results with you very soon.

We fervently believe that input from relevant stakeholders around the globe is a key ingredient in creating successful knowledge-based solutions.

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Raising the Bar.

It’s not just about bringing the highest quality information right to your fingertips. Although, that is of course a big part of what we do.  But there’s more to it. Really.

It’s about raising the bar, we feel.

It’s making premium and competitive information as available as possible. Our suite of online solutions are accessible from anywhere an internet signal exists. Our web-based platform enables people by providing them the knowledge tools they need to succeed at the most challenging aspects of their respective responsibilities'.

By lowering the barriers to entry, we allow more people to play. And the end result of that, is not only a higher caliber of competition, but the inevitable downstream result: a more intelligent world for all of us.


New Clinical Trial Guidelines in India

Improved patient rights, highly credible data, and increased regulatory compliance are just some of the aims of the new clinical trial guidelines released by India's Central Drugs Standard Control Organization.

Check out a great summary of the changes and what they mean, from

To make sure that your regulatory needs are completely met, attend our upcoming webinar hosted by Nitin Parab, a local expert and CEO of Swami Samarth Pharmatech, a Mumbai-based firm specializing in regulatory compliance for international and domestic market leaders.

The new guidelines can be found in their entirety here.

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Unlocking India – Upcoming Webinar Series

Thanks for stopping by. Here is what we are focusing on, currently. Each blurb is a 2-3 hour webinar. After you read it, can you let us know what specifically you would be most interested in hearing about? Please?

“Mr. Nitin Parab assembles a trio of key opinion leaders for an interactive, case-study driven discussion. Achieve seamless regulatory compliance and ensure accelerated approval and market penetration as Nitin works with leading USFDA and EDQM experts.”

“Dr. Varma is a key player in a wide network of experts, who consistently craft successful contract-manufacturing agreements, and reap the benefits. Partake in an interactive discussion. Overcome common hurdles. Cut costs, drastically. Create effective and scalable strategic alliances with qualified local partners.”

“Hear from the architect of a record global licensing and distribution deal. Mr. Alok Kumar explains how to thrive in a fragmented market, wherein 10,000 companies vie for 70% of market share. He is the undeniable expert, when it comes to implementing immensely profitable alliances.”

“Dr. Anantharaman and three of his leading industry peers will provide an in-depth analysis of what is required for maximum market access. Specific emphasis will be placed on how scientific and evidence-based marketing strategies have been used as a significant driver of market share in a fragmented and tumultuous Indian market”

Thanks for reading. So, what do you think?

Tell us how we can refine this content. What information would make a webinar worth your while? Think about it! We can do this for you!

Answer here.

To request more information about attending these webinars, scalable advertising, or to subscribe to our newsletter, email:

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A Personal Solution

The story is always the same: The underpaid conference producer is struggling to meet his or her deadline. The week, month, or sales cycle is coming to a close, and a handful of empty speaker spots remain unconfirmed. Begrudgingly, a tired academic and/or an over-touted “expert” from the speaker circuit are accepted to fill the final spot. “Nevermind their irrelevance to the subject matter at hand, for deceptive bullet points can be inked onto the conference brochure!’” The tired conference producer declares.

Stelerix rejects this way of doing business. Our unique portals, and comprehensive library of supporting material, allow you to ignore what you don’t need while focusing on what matters. Augment your strengths instead of wastefully squandering time.

If you don’t have time for filler, we suggest you explore our high-value-for-time solutions.


Knowledge At Your Fingertips.

It’s not just a slogan. We really mean it. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality information to your desktop or laptop, at home, at the office and everywhere else Internet is available. Leveraging the highest caliber of web conferencing technology empowers us to erase previous barriers to entry, making ease of access unparalleled.

But it’s not just about delivery. We are very adept listeners. We create content based exclusively on end-user input. Our unique knowledge transfer process organizes the data we share, and separates it from the rest of the chaff.  Actively engaging stakeholders from the start ensures that content is validated. It was your idea, after all.

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Company Profile

At Stelerix, we specialize in web-enhanced just-in-time knowledge dissemination. The highest caliber of web conferencing technology allows us to reliably cross borders and bring together the brightest minds. Our webinars, and diverse array of online-training solutions, allow us to effectively educate and empower business leaders and scientists without the crippling costs of travel, registration fees, and time away from the office.

We strive on consistently providing the knowledge you need to lead in your field and remain abreast of key knowledge trends on your behalf and deliver that knowledge to you in the comfort of your location: be it home, office or hotel room. Our proven knowledge transfer process helps us deliver and develop the most useful, leading edge content for end users while allowing you to pick the brains’ of renowned, enthralling speakers.

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Website Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our website

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