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Clinical Trial Site Selection

It's interesting to see talk about the shifting preference of clinical trial sites. While India has compelling advantages, other opportunities are evidently making themselves apparent. An understanding of the driving issues behind this development is incredibly helpful, and described effectively in the linked article.

The idea is of particular interest to us and our survey respondents. Our primary research has shown time and again that pharma executives have limited resources and will be stringent in deploying them, such that only the most advantageous new markets benefit.

Further developments of this nascent trend are something that we will keep a close ear to the ground for...


New Year, Old Story.

It's not a new problem. Rather, a tired old refrain. It's no surprise then, that the  EMA predicts only the most modest of increases when it comes to number of new drug applications.  So another year goes by, and big pharma fails to boost it's R&D productivity. The cost to submit new drugs continues to increase, meanwhile.

Our own primary research identified this as an obvious concern. But we also found there is lots that pharma is doing to  boost revenues, outside of developing, manufacturing, and distributing new drugs. India and other emerging markets present an incredibly exciting opportunity to leverage existing products and increase brand awareness in high-growth areas. Partnerships and in-licensing agreements allow for increased reach. But problems about effective partner selection and management remain.

What's more, as the cost of doing business continues to rise, leading organizations will adapt and find flexible solutions to lower the cost of sale, our survey respondents concurred. Clinical trial outsourcing, contract manufacturing, and business process outsourcing are all being utilized by top industry contenders to keep padded, to the utmost extent.

Additional commentary is available here.

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Emerging Partnerships Fueled by Robust Growth

We mentioned it yesterday, and in our conversations with on the ground experts, it's unanimous. While the Indian market has some maturing to do in the course of the next 10 years, it is a great place to start building a base today. And is very effectively positioned to leverage other emerging markets and BRIC countries. Don't take our word for it though: Dr Reddy's inks pact with Russian firm R-Pharm.

'"The agreement allows us to bring innovative medicines to the Russian people with active collaboration of a local pharmaceutical company-R Pharm ," Dr Reddy's MD and COO Satish Reddy said.'

And it's no wonder that Indian players are looking to make intelligent acquisitions with their cash filled coffers. The Indian pharmaceutical market continues to grow at a robust rate. And although external respondents identified currency inflation as a concern - nascent government intervention notwithstanding -  this article clearly states that inflation is medicine is much less than other essential goods and services.

Time to brew another cup or two of coffee, before getting back with more news, as it breaks.

Posted by Jeff


Money Talks.

Another day full of excitement, for those of us interested in fast-growing, emerging pharmaceutical markets. To get to the thick of the action, it's always best to follow the money...

And Gujarat seems to be where it's headed! Not satisfied with the whopping $500 million invested during 2009, M. Sahu, Gujarat's principal secretary for industries declared this year's summit would draw in at least $1 billion based on the interest so far. Over 20,000 delegates are expected to attend this veritable hotbed of investment activity.

In our follow-up phone interview with Alok Kumar, (to be posted tomorrow) we talked about how India can be used as a hub to reach other emerging markets. The recent endorsement of India from Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov is thus rather encouraging.

Posted by Jeff

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