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Contract Manufacturing Directory

Our site is always growing. The architecture elves never seem to stop building. Their resolve is impressive, now that I think about it.

I would write more, but it's probably easier if you just check it out yourself.

It's a list, that will continue to grow no-doubt, of contract manufacturing organizations all over the world.

We have also included a tool so that you can add your own company, if it's not there yet.

We're working on many more things, including a CRO list, so stay tuned for more developments to the site, and more content additions.

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Funding Initiatives and Analytical Applications.

As promised, here is the full summary and video transcript of my recent interview with Dr. Gregory Weiss.

Feel free to submit follow-up questions or start a discussion.

If you want to contribute to an upcoming interview or suggest someone as a candidate because of interesting thought-leading work, please contact us or leave a comment here!

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Health Biz India

I was lucky to get a great picture of the rapidly growing healthcare scene in India in my recent correspondence with Jayata Sharma, the Editor-in-Chief of Health Biz India.

As we've seen mentioned before, it was emphasized again that key opinion leaders are absolutely critical to progress and understanding of market conditions within India.

Inform yourself about Indian healthcare's first B2B news portal. Read this interview.


Distribution Hurdles.

I caught up with Tushar Barad, Owner of Applied Biosciences, based in Mumbai, to ask him about some of the challenges and successes in his role. I'm editing the interview into bite-size portions, for now. I will compile on a page in the main site, but wanted to publish these wise words as quickly as possible. Here is the first excerpt. I hope you enjoy, as always, please leave your comments.

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Shlomo Maital: India’s Secret Weapon.

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.
"I don’t much care where--" said Alice.
"Then it doesn’t matter which way you go," said the Cat.

"--so long as I get SOMEWHERE," Alice added as an explanation.
"Oh, you’re sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough."
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.

I first became aware of Shlomo's work after falling in love with his insightful piece: India's Secret Weapon.

If you have not read this short essay, you would be remiss to close this page without perusing the referenced link.

It confirms my own ideas about the value of education. It also provides vivid insight into the scope and scale of education in India. It has obviously and intelligently been made a national and cultural priority. Even without Shlomo's incredibly compelling endorsement, it easy to begin to understand the potential of such large-scale initiatives. And it is exciting to imagine what it all might mean for the world at large.

In his new book, Global Risk/Global Opportunity, Shlomo Maital offers ten tools to help managers evaluate risk and exploit global opportunity by observing minds, markets and money. This is especially important today, given the increasingly connected global world. Because while we strive for an integrated and connected globe, thinking globally is harder than most imagine. To truly wrap your mind around the problem and understand the factors at play is a challenge. Eye-witness accounts and an eagerness and openness to understand and learn are a great starting point.

But in starting out, you must know where you want to end up. To this end, once again, Shlomo Maital provides valuable and intellectually stimulating insight:

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China and India: Memorandum of Understanding

"The collaboration between the two will give an edge over the developed countries. Together we can meet the generic drug requirements of the world"

Indian Drug Manufacturer's Association Secretary General, Daara Patel

We were hoping something like this would happen! A mutual recognition of strengths has both of these giant markets poised for future success. India and China have agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding January 7, 2011 in Mumbai that will facilitate growth of the $3 billion dollar plus pharmaceutical and medical device trade volume already  this year.

I hope you can understand how genuinely excited we are. Collaboration on a global scale is incredibly important to us. It's essential to the effective dissemination of knowledge. We can often learn the most from those we don't know.

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Weekend Research and Pharma Resources

When you like what you do, it isn't hard to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, or three, and casually peruse work-related content.

As we said here, it makes sense to share the especially valuable content that we come across, on any given day. We believe in raising the bar, by allowing more people access to the game. Fundamentally, it improves the level of competition, innovation and progress. So why not share the actionable and compelling content?

We'll add value by consistently highlighting content of the utmost importance, based on our own extensive and in-depth primary research.

It is always convincing when people put their money where their mouth is. This short clip from Deputy Vice President of Equity Research at Kotak Securities explains why they are bullish on India as a pharma destination over the medium to long-term.

Also on our radar is the continued attempts at penetration by big pharma.

And finally, Indoco Remed Director and Board Member Aditi Kare Panandikar tells a very convincing tale about the US opportunity in India and how various stakeholders may profit.

Thanks for stopping by. We're always curious to learn about what you're reading. And we have some exciting things coming up this week, so stay tuned.

PS If you haven't checked out our interview with Alok Kumar, you're missing actionable knowledge.

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90% about the problem, 10% about the solution.

Understanding relevant information is critical. As is digesting, processing, and organizing this data in actionable knowledge. Anything else is erratic and wasteful, reaction.

Our high-quality webinar and video conferencing technology allows us to easily and cost-effectively - without compromising quality or content - connect stakeholders who were previously a 22 hour plane ride and obligatory 2-week visit away.

We let you listen to people you otherwise never would have heard.

But now it's our turn to actively lend an ear. Who do you want to hear?

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Connectivity is Productivity.

It’s not like you need to physically be in the office to be getting work done. That assumption is out of date, to say the least.

Nowadays, all you need is an Internet connection, be it your home wireless network or the 3G signal from your mobile service provider, to start crossing work-related tasks off your busy to-do list.

So why should access to high quality, competitive, strategic information – the very information that enables and empowers top level, leading-edge thought – be reserved for high-priced conferences and on-site summits?

It’s not as though information is cumbersome to transport, and it’s not like the value of what you are reading or listening to changes dependent on your location. Why then, should you be expected to fly halfway around the world to hear someone speak?

We believe information this important should be available for on demand viewing. Unfettered ongoing access for reference resources is critical.

Don’t settle for someone else’s arbitrary timeline. Learn on your own, with a full suite of on-demand actionable knowledge solutions, from Stelerix, to your fingertips.

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Raising the Bar.

It’s not just about bringing the highest quality information right to your fingertips. Although, that is of course a big part of what we do.  But there’s more to it. Really.

It’s about raising the bar, we feel.

It’s making premium and competitive information as available as possible. Our suite of online solutions are accessible from anywhere an internet signal exists. Our web-based platform enables people by providing them the knowledge tools they need to succeed at the most challenging aspects of their respective responsibilities'.

By lowering the barriers to entry, we allow more people to play. And the end result of that, is not only a higher caliber of competition, but the inevitable downstream result: a more intelligent world for all of us.