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It's not like we just throw up a static web page. Our content creation initiatives are always changing, improving, evolving. And that's always based on end-user input. We pair your thoughts with out strengths and our diverse network of key opinion leaders to deliver the most cutting-edge information and technology tools in verticals of particular focus.

We do our best to engage with you, but as I said, it's a work in progress. Let us know how we can do better, please.

To help increase engagement, we're adding comment forms at the end of each new interview. You should feel encouraged to submit your thoughts, or even a follow-up question, and we'll find an answer on your behalf.

Check it out here, and here.

Posted by Jeff


Patient Retention and Recruitment

I was lucky enough to catch up with Melynda Geurts, Chief Operating Officer at D. Anderson & Company (DAC). As a leading service provider, the DAC team leverages clinical trial expertise, creative acumen and site management excellence to produce measurable results.

DAC is scheduled to be appearing at a couple of upcoming conferences, so I kept it brief and honed in on the critical things to remember, in terms of effective clinical outsourcing and patient recruitment strategies, like, why it's worth remembering in the first place.


It’s Ongoing.

Thanks for sticking with us. The exciting growth, over the in the library, has come somewhat at the extent of this Blog. But fear not, loyal reader. Our gradual improvement is an ongoing thing. Think of us as a value investment, good valuation (free!) and which will yield dividends over time.

We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline, including some changes under the hood. And it's only going to get better.

In addition to technological steps forward, we perpetually reexamine and refine our ability to consistently provide high quality on-demand knowledge solutions. Our competitive advantage is in leveraging proprietary processes and a network of hands-on leaders in an array of global markets, for cost-effective, premium knowledge deliverables. We are always narrowing in on our specifically targeted verticals. We continue to grow partnerships with niche and industry specific leading content producers and distributors. Meanwhile, our in-house marketing, production, and primary research efforts sustain our unique and cutting-edge outlook; we integrate robust and renowned thought content and our own proprietary yet comprehensive gauge of industry sentiment, to bring well-contrasted strategies into sight.

For success, stay with us. It has come in incremental steps. And will continue to do so. With a minor setback or two along the way, of course. But like the Dow Jones, circa March 2009 to now, it'll be mostly up.

Posted by Jeff


Call for Questions.

We have an interview upcoming with Vivek Shukla, later next week.

His 12  years of experience serving over 40 reputable clients in the Indian pharmaceutical industry have given him a grasp of strategic business knowledge that is unrivaled.

Now is your chance to pick the brains of a world-class expert. Comment or send questions to

Posted by Jeff


NICE Weighs In.

If you haven't noticed, we like interviews. It's an effective way to convey information, because you get to hear the answers from the expert, unfettered. It's doubly exciting then, when the expert-on-trial mentions something independent and confirmatory.

Kalipso Chalkidou, Director of NICE International (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) in the UK, talks about the importance of understanding the sway of public and government payers as stakeholders.

Our favourite part though, is near the end. When she recommends we take time to involve everyone and understand the issues at play. But have a look for yourself:

What do you say?

Posted by Jeff



90% about the problem, 10% about the solution.

Understanding relevant information is critical. As is digesting, processing, and organizing this data in actionable knowledge. Anything else is erratic and wasteful, reaction.

Our high-quality webinar and video conferencing technology allows us to easily and cost-effectively - without compromising quality or content - connect stakeholders who were previously a 22 hour plane ride and obligatory 2-week visit away.

We let you listen to people you otherwise never would have heard.

But now it's our turn to actively lend an ear. Who do you want to hear?

Posted by Jeff


A Personal Solution

The story is always the same: The underpaid conference producer is struggling to meet his or her deadline. The week, month, or sales cycle is coming to a close, and a handful of empty speaker spots remain unconfirmed. Begrudgingly, a tired academic and/or an over-touted “expert” from the speaker circuit are accepted to fill the final spot. “Nevermind their irrelevance to the subject matter at hand, for deceptive bullet points can be inked onto the conference brochure!’” The tired conference producer declares.

Stelerix rejects this way of doing business. Our unique portals, and comprehensive library of supporting material, allow you to ignore what you don’t need while focusing on what matters. Augment your strengths instead of wastefully squandering time.

If you don’t have time for filler, we suggest you explore our high-value-for-time solutions.