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Looking Way Ahead.

I encourage you to check out this exclusive interview. It is available to watch free on-demand. There is also a written summary if you want to get the goods quickly. I am especially excited about this conversation. I really enjoyed speaking with Vivek Shukla. His thoughts on success are an encouragement for anyone interested in self-improvement.

Going forward, based on user-input and our own intuition, this is likely the format we are going to stick with. We have improved the audio quality, and made the interview accessible for free, on-demand. There is also a Youtube clip to provide a rapid glimpse at what the entire interview holds.

We really appreciate getting input and feedback from our active users. Thanks for engaging with us. We will continue to integrate your preferences.

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Patient Retention and Recruitment

I was lucky enough to catch up with Melynda Geurts, Chief Operating Officer at D. Anderson & Company (DAC). As a leading service provider, the DAC team leverages clinical trial expertise, creative acumen and site management excellence to produce measurable results.

DAC is scheduled to be appearing at a couple of upcoming conferences, so I kept it brief and honed in on the critical things to remember, in terms of effective clinical outsourcing and patient recruitment strategies, like, why it's worth remembering in the first place.


Exclusive Interview with an Expert: Vikram Sathish Asokan

We've had a lot of luck getting in touch with experts, as of late.

My latest conversation was with sales superstar Vikram Sathish Asokan, a Director at Lister and Berg in India.

We talked about the three pillars to success in start-up companies (spoiler alert: Good human resources capable of getting things done, financing and technological savvy). We also touched on how to transgress beyond selling and ensure profitable long term relationships with Indian clients.

If you have ideas for future interview, or how to improve, I'm really happy to incorporate constructive criticism going forward so please do send!

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Call for Questions.

We have an interview upcoming with Vivek Shukla, later next week.

His 12  years of experience serving over 40 reputable clients in the Indian pharmaceutical industry have given him a grasp of strategic business knowledge that is unrivaled.

Now is your chance to pick the brains of a world-class expert. Comment or send questions to

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Exclusive On-Demand Webinar, Free! Atul Sharma – Global Partnerships

If you have not yet read or listened, check this out!

Atul Sharma, Senior Manager at Alembic Limited took some time to speak with me about his expansive experiences in a diverse array of emerging and mature markets.

We discuss a number of issues in-depth, like understanding local success drivers and why innovation is especially important in generic formulations.

There are lots more similar interviews coming up, so submit your questions if you want to hear from experts!

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Call for Questions!

I have a number of interviews coming up.  I am really excited to have the opportunity to speak to experienced stakeholders. It is bound to be one engaging and informing discussion after another.

Get ready for a flood of quality content in the latter half of next week.

I have done my best to think up intriguing questions. They are all based on direct input from our preliminary research and direct industry stakeholder input, like this. But I'm still new to the interview game. So if you have ideas or are burning for answers, please send them to us!

If you could pick the brain of an emerging market expert, what would you ask?

If you need some inspiration, here are some tried and true questions (and answers).

Alok Kumar, Part 1, Part 2 (FREE On-Demand webinar)

Vivek Varma - Contract Manufacturing

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Innovation Theatre

Not everything we do need be about clinical trials or effective outsourcing agreements.

There are more important things.

There are fundamental principals that underscore why we do business.

I could go on, but you would be much better off to open your mind to something new, and watch this TED talk.

Here's the teaser:

"TED's Chris Anderson says the rise of web video is driving a worldwide phenomenon he calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation..."

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Effective Partnerships

As outsourcing has increased from the West to the East, the question facing the global pharma industry is no longer “Should we be in India?” rather “How do we work there successfully?”

- Ajit Mahadevan, Partner, Life Sciences Practice, Ernst & Young

When you are empowering access to information, it is important to look at all sides of the story. Thus, in contrast to our pessimistic tone this morning, we found an outstandingly positive article we wanted to share.

It is relevant today because respondents and interviewees have always been clear: effective partnership management is an incredibly important aspect of any foray into the Indian life sciences market.

Ajit Mahadevan, Partner, Life Sciences Practice, Ernst & Young addresses relevant issues effectively. Some of our favourites are the examples of significant market drivers, and therapeutic areas of interest, given the massive, demographic-driven evolution of the Indian disease profile. Mr. Mahadevan does an especially good job highlighting specific skills required to thrive in different partnership types, from manufacturing to clinical trial outsourcing. This is of particular interest because Alok Kumar brought it up last week.

The importance of long-term focus, trust, honesty, and a spirit of collaboration are also themes of the article, as well as expectation management. If that weren’t enough, at the end there are some very actionable steps that organizations looking to partner can use now!

It should get you excited!

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It’s Not All Good.

Alright, we admit, this particular video clip might be a little bit alarmist. But it does a very effective job of highlighting an incredibly legitimate concern amongst the global clinical trial community.

Our friend Dan Sfera, from highlighted this problem, "therapeutic misconception," as a major issue that must be addressed in the growing clinical trial outsourcing market.

It's incredibly interesting to see Dr. Amar Jesani candidly discuss the negative aspects of the competitive advantages big pharma leverages at increasing economies of scale.

Naturally, the goal of our own research is, as always, to break down barriers and allow more players the implements needed to participate. As the evolution to a knowledge-based economy continues to gain momentum, and the ROI becomes increasingly evident, it is easier to empower. No longer do you need to buy a factory to manufacture and market your services globally. And with broadband access fast becoming recognized as a human right in a number of progressive countries, the necessary infrastructure spending will inevitably follow.

In this most recent case of India, we quite clearly found that while the fundamental landscape for life sciences industry growth is robust, significant hurdles remain and cannot be ignored. Said barriers to competition are as high as they are varied. In-depth analysis of our most recent primary research was effective in isolating trends as well as lurking variables. But we'll get into that later.

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Weekend Research and Pharma Resources

When you like what you do, it isn't hard to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, or three, and casually peruse work-related content.

As we said here, it makes sense to share the especially valuable content that we come across, on any given day. We believe in raising the bar, by allowing more people access to the game. Fundamentally, it improves the level of competition, innovation and progress. So why not share the actionable and compelling content?

We'll add value by consistently highlighting content of the utmost importance, based on our own extensive and in-depth primary research.

It is always convincing when people put their money where their mouth is. This short clip from Deputy Vice President of Equity Research at Kotak Securities explains why they are bullish on India as a pharma destination over the medium to long-term.

Also on our radar is the continued attempts at penetration by big pharma.

And finally, Indoco Remed Director and Board Member Aditi Kare Panandikar tells a very convincing tale about the US opportunity in India and how various stakeholders may profit.

Thanks for stopping by. We're always curious to learn about what you're reading. And we have some exciting things coming up this week, so stay tuned.

PS If you haven't checked out our interview with Alok Kumar, you're missing actionable knowledge.

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