Interview: Jayata Sharma Reporting on Exciting Growth in Indian Healthcare

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February 3, 2011

Jayata Sharma, is a healthcare journalist with varied experience in the field of medical journalism. An interest in Entrepreneurship, which led to the launch of India's 1st Online B2B Healthcare magazine called HEALTH BIZ INDIA.

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Q1: How did you come up with the idea, and why did you start Health-Biz India, the first online B2B healthcare magazine?

Jayata: HBI was started as there was a dire need of a healthcare business publication in India. After extensive surveys we found out that the then available magazines had diverted from healthcare management and the industry needed fuel in this area. Also, as the internet fever has caught on widely, HBI was made an exclusive online magazine. Printed copies have restricted readers, HBI can be read on every PC, even on mobiles!

Q2: Given your in depth knowledge of the field. What aspect of the current healthcare landscape in India are you the most enthusiastic about?

Jayata: Two aspects, the increasing awareness about quality and the tremendous growth of the corporate healthcare players. The Indian healthcare industry has never seen such an exciting time before.

Q3: Aside from Health-Biz India, what resources do you use to stay up to date with healthcare industry news in India?

Jayata: We have a strong network of industry experts that help us in being updated with the latest in the field.

Q4: Your poll this month is about leaders in Indian healthcare. What steps can be taken to help India foster thought-leadership in this market?

Jayata: Doctors mainly get trained in clinical aspects, and in their entire career span end up focusing only on their practice. Doctors must be given adequate training to develop leadership skills, as they are the ones who directly are in contact with the patients and understand this industry best. However, as there are more and more healthcare management courses coming up in India, up to an extent this need is getting filled, but a lot is left to be desired.

Q5: Even though you are a relatively new publication, you have grown rapidly and engaged stakeholders on a number of fronts, including interviews and media partnerships. What is your vision going forward that will sustain this rapid and exciting growth?

Jayata: Our goal right since inception has been to be a tool that can help foster the business of Indian healthcare. We have collaborated with the industry ever since we were in the planning phase, which helped us have a wide readership. Most of our sections are “by the industry, for the industry”, and this will help us grow in the future too. Even our marketing plans are being tailored according to different needs of the clients, so that they can make the most out of it.

Q6: Why is it important for people to have access to high quality knowledge regarding India’s healthcare industry?

Jayata: With rapid growth of Indian healthcare business, it is utterly important to be updated with the latest trends and business tools. There are very few publications in India that cater to this area. Also doctors have a hectic schedule, they rarely get time to read and be updated about the industry. HBI is a one-stop-shop for such reading needs; they can simply browse our website anywhere and update themselves.

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B2B Healthcare in India, Online
"The Indian healthcare industry has never seen such an exciting time before."... "With rapid growth of Indian healthcare business, it is utterly important to be updated with the latest trends and business tools." - Jayata Sharma

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