Physical and Cyber Security Webinar

Why You Must Attend

  • Watch what could happen to your information.
  • Patch-up Wi-Fi vulnerabilities that are curently leaving your information exposed and all too easily accessed.
  • Protect yourself and your staff from social media scams. Analyze best practice for sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Date: February 23, 2011 - 1400h EST

Brought to you by Securhex, this Webinar features hackers’ and security specialists’ comprehension and experience in emerging key physical and cyber security threats and offers a perspective on prevention, detection and remediation. This webinar is a must attend for information security specialists, physical security officers, ethics officers and personnel engaged in protecting sensitive information/assets. Further, given the broad scope and direct relevance of the subject matter, it is particularly important for all managers and employees.

During the course of this webinar, we will cover the ever so sensitive area of Radio Frequency Identification enabled smart card cloning (e.g. building passes, identification cards, gas card etc.). Presenters will demonstrate how hackers can gain access to sensitive personal/financial information thanks to inexpensive hardware. Worse yet, it will demonstrate how many unsuspecting employees are literally handing over the keys to your building without even knowing it!

We will then focus on Wi-Fi vulnerabilities, turning our attention to practices outside of the office that put your organization at significant risk. We will delve into the realm of visibility and “hackability” of computers hooking up to Wi-Fi systems that are found is airports, trains, internet cafes etc. We will demonstrate the scope and breadth of information that can be seen by inquisitive eyes and what information they might have access too!

The third part of our webinar focuses on the ever so wonderful area of social network engineering and social media networks. Although quite distinct in nature these two topics pack quite a punch when effectively and systematically exploited. We will illustrate ways that hackers and “knowledge seekers” are dredging social media to gain incredible and dangerous insight on your operation and the social engineering techniques used to “close the deal”.

Throughout the webinar, we will offer you practical solutions to minimize the risks posed by these very real threats.

The webinar will focus on systemic vulnerabilities and is not intended to discredit any individual organization (public or private). This webinar is not intended to promote illegal activity on the part of any person, group of person or organizations. It does however focus on the pressing need to address key physical and cyber security issues that can significantly put your organization, its assets, and people at risk. Sign up now!

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